About the Author

Previous lives

Before becoming a full-time author of fiction in 2015, I variously worked as:

  • a Stasi and SED (East German Communist Party) files archivist – mostly evaluating and processing records of the opposition movements in the GDR as well as security issues on the Berlin Wall;
  • a co-operative development worker;
  • and a book seller.


Work In Progress

  • The Lieutenant Reim series of spy and crime fiction is currently on hold. Various loose plot threads were all tidied up in Rostock Connection (Reim #5) and this seems like a good point to turn to other projects (see next points).
    So is this the end for our anti-hero Reim? I have plenty of ideas of where to take Reim, so I’m not ruling anything out just yet – watch this space, or sign up to my newsletter to be the first to hear whether and when I give Reim another outing.
  • I’m currently working on several climate fiction ideas, trying to decide which to prioritise.
  • Meanwhile, I’ve also started a new East German / Stasi series set in 1986. I hope to bring together the best concepts from Reim and the East Berlin Series.

Previous Work

  • The East Berlin Series of proto-utopian fiction set in a GDR that didn’t disappear in 1990.
  • Cold Island, set in the near future of a post-Brexit UK, seeing the changes through the eyes of an EU citizen who has lived most of her life in Britain.
  • The Cold War Lieutenant Reim series of spy and crime fiction,  which starts in 1983. The novels are narrated by our eponymous anti-hero, a junior officer in the Stasi who has a nasty habit of getting into trouble.
  • With Seeds for Change Co-operative, I co-wrote the non-fiction books A Consensus Handbook and How To Set Up A Workers’ Co-op.

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