Stealing The Future

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Stealing The Future

The first book in the East Berlin Series.

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ISBN: 978-0993324703
eISBN: 978-0993324710

Behind the Berlin Wall a dissident is on the trail of a killer

1993. After forty years of communist rule it’s time for change in the GDR. Direct democracy, citizen’s movements and de-centralization are part of the new political landscape.
But when a politician’s crushed body is found a constitutional crisis erupts.
Former dissident, Martin Grobe, is caught up in an investigation that points towards the KGB, the Stasi and the West Germans—but is it really the start of a putsch against the new GDR, or just a murder?

An honest portrayal of a young country and the struggle to keep alive the dream of freedom, justice and equality. New Internationalist

A compelling re-imagining of East Germany’s peaceful revolution in 1989—exploring what might have been. As Europe grapples with the consequences of austerity, this novel poses questions both about the lost chances of 1989, and about how we organise our society—questions that are becoming more relevant with each passing day. Fiona Rintoul, author of The Leipzig Affair

Creates the perfect atmosphere that existed around the fall of the wall: the sense of hope dashed by the awful reality of reunification. Peter Thompson, The Guardian

An intriguing and gripping page-turner of a thriller—believable and exciting. More than that, though, it’s an exploration of power – political, economic and electric power; and what it might be like, day to day, to put our ideals and hopes for self-determination into practice. Peace News

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