East Berlin Series

#GDR  #Revolution #Hopepunk

This “compelling” series (Fiona Rintoul) is set in an East Germany that didn’t end in 1990. Participatory democracy, citizen’s movements and de-centralization are part of a new political landscape.

The East Berlin Series of crime and spy novels are set in a counterfactual GDR; they’re part of a thought experiment: how could the East Germany of 1989 go from communist dictatorship to the equitable, fair and  just society that many East Germans at the time dreamed of?

Most utopian novels are set in a new environment: perhaps a new planet¹, an ‘uninhabited’ or isolated island², or some future or parallel place³. But in the East Berlin Series we follow the progress of a society that is much like ours to one with more utopian properties. The series maps the changes, the successes and failures of a society navigating by the light of utopian ideals.

The GDR is changing fast, transforming itself from a Marxist-Leninist planned society into something equitable and fair – a Grassroots Democratic Republic.

But the pace of change shouldn’t be overestimated, there’s a limit to how much can be achieved in just a few short years, and opponents to the project can be found on both sides of the Berlin Wall.

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