Covid Giveaway

It’s autumn, lockdowns are happening again and it’s a difficult time for so many of us. So in the hope of providing just a wee bit of escapism, I’m offering an ebook to my subscribers along with their friends and family.

There are two ebooks available, each the first in an East Germany based series. If you’re having trouble deciding which to choose, just click on the cover of the book you want to find out more about.

Cover of Stealing The Future
Stealing The Future – a speculative account of post-1990 East Germany
Cover of Stasi Vice
Stasi Vice – a Stasi krimi.


If you’re interested in my books and the GDR then do have a poke around this website, there’s plenty of background reading and extras. If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to my newsletter by clicking the relevant box below, or on this page (entirely optional – please don’t feel you have to sign up just to get one of these ebooks).

So if you want one of the ebooks, just fill in the form below and send it off – I’ll email your chosen book within 24 hours. If it doesn’t turn up, check your spam folder and if it’s not hiding in there just drop me a line and we’ll try again.

With best wishes, stay as safe as you can.

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    Stealing The FutureStasi Vice

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