Rosa Luxemburg Demonstration

Protestors join the official Rosa Luxemburg Demonstration. Over 100 detained, 25 forced into temporary or permanent exile.

Dr Kaminsky tours the GDR

At the start of the third book in the East Berlin Series, Dr Kaminsky, the General Secretary of the PDS (successor party to the Communists) holds a rally to mobilise his followers. Meanwhile Karo the punk is engaging in a little protest against the populist leader.

West Silesia Gains Independence

In Stealing the Future West Silesia gains independence from the federal state of Saxony, itself becoming a state within the GDR.

Referendum in Stealing the Future

In the world of Stealing the Future a referendum is held on the issue of reunification. The plebiscite follows the exposure of Helmut Kohl’s underhanded attempts to force reunification and a clear majority vote in favour of continued independence.


Link to Wikipedia articleThe GDR secedes itself to the Federal Republic of Germany – East Germany ceases to exist.

Volkskammer Elections

Link to Wikipedia articleFirst free parliamentary elections in East Germany. Helmut Kohl, the West German Chancellor guarantees East Germans rapid economic growth and that nobody would be worse off if they voted for his party the CDU (and by extension, reunification).

General Strike in Stealing the Future

In the world of Stealing the Future a general strike is called to protest against the West German government’s attempts to co-opt the East German government and force a speedy re-unification. The strike strengthens the East Germans’ resolve and confidence that they can transform their society.