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Max Hertzberg is currently doing research and working on his next novel: Cold Island, set in the near future of a post-Brexit UK (available autumn 2018)

I had to learn to switch off and ignore the daily round of tragi-comic Brexit news (stranger than any fiction) but I’m very excited about the plot of Cold Island.

Max has just completed the East Berlin Series of proto-utopian fiction set in a GDR that didn’t disappear in 1990:

His next book will be available in autumn 2018:

He has also co-written and edited:

Before becoming a full-time author

Before becoming a full-time author Max

  • worked on Stasi and SED (East German Communist Party) files – mostly concerning opposition movements in the GDR, and security issues on the Berlin Wall;
  • was a co-operative development worker;
  • and was a social change trainer and facilitator.


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2 Replies to “About the Author”

  1. Hi Max,

    Frage: schreiben Sie auf Deutsch oder are your books in English? Macht mir an sich nichts aus, ob German or Englisch, kann beide Sprachen lesen, like you I’m a translator, editor and proofreader, aber ich lese Sachen gern in der Originalsprache.

    best wishes,


    1. Hi Amanda,

      ich schreibe auf Englisch, und Stealing the Future wurde auch auf Englisch geschrieben.

      Currently my publishers are in negotiations with some German publishers about a translation into German, but that’ll take a while 🙂


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